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DRIP To life - I.V Booth room for fluid-therapy


Ask your doctor about the best combination for your needs.


Jetlag and Hangover recovery

A long night enjoying the St. Maarten/ St. Barth’s sun? Replenish your body back to life with our special combination of medically approved and pure vitamin compounds. 

Boost your energy, and improve your mood, immune system, and skin tone while detoxifying and rehydrating your body from within. Called the mother of all drips, it includes vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, magnesium, vitamin C, glutathione, and electrolytes packed into a serum for complete rehydration.


This is the most requested serum, due to the wide range of functions that can be improved with the contribution of its components.

This calculated combination of minerals and vitamins is intended to increase energy, promote daily performance, and support a variety of immune-related conditions (joint pain, back pain, rashes, and headaches).


All stress in the body oxidizes and produces cellular aging, the contribution of the nutrients of this serum tries to oppose it.

Drip time:

+/- 45-60minutes slow drip


Cost: $110 -2 course therapy


Treatment Options

+Vitamin C +10$

+Vitamin D +16$

+Guanthione +18$

Drip time:

+ /– 45 minutes -2 course therapy

Cost: $95

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