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  • How can i get to SMDC ?
    If you are driving , SMDC is only 5 minute drive from the Airport, 7 minute drive from Maho beach, and a 15 minute drive from Philipsburg.
  • What do i do if i have an emergency ?
    Remain calm, call 911 and instruct them of your situation. Important contact details: St. Maarten Medical Center​: 910 or +1 721 543-1111 Police Department​​: 911 or +1 721 542-2222 Ambulance Services:​​ 912 or +1 721 542-2111 Coast Guard: 913 Collective Prevention Services CPS: 914
  • Does SMDC have a pharmacy?
    At the moment SMDC does not have a on site pharmacy however, just 1 min walk away the ‘Druggist’ located adjacent to the WIB-Bank will be more than happy to assist you with our digital or printed prescriptions
  • I am a tourist and I forgot to bring my medication with me to St.Maarten from home,what can i do ?
    SMDC will be more than happy to assist you gain access to the treatment strategy you are currently following at home. Just book an appointment or call SMDC to set up a quick appointment to see our doctors at your own convenience and we will be happy to assist you with your required medication.
  • Does SMDC offer at home/In boat consultations?
    Under certain conditions, If you are a visiting tourist and are in need of a private medical consultation for your staff or yourself, SMDC will be able to accommodate your needs (certain conditions may apply). Please call at the emergency number +1 721 5205911, to have your situation evaluated and we do our best to get you access to medical attention or re-direct you.
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